A Year of Writing About Running

In 2014, I set a goal to write about one thing that made me happy every single day of the year.  It could be something big, like a long-awaited vacation, or something small, like a bouquet of dandelions.  I managed to make it the entire year, but while I never had trouble thinking of things that made me happy, I often found that I lacked the motivation to actually record my thoughts.  I’m glad to have the notebook to look back on, now that it is finished, but it often felt like a chore in the moment, which was definitely not my goal when I set out.  This made me realize that perhaps the problem was not the act of writing, but what I was trying to write about.

At the same time that those thoughts were floating through my head, I was thinking about how much running means to me, and how I worry that my passion for the sport might be grating on the nerves of those nearest and dearest to me.  My family is wonderfully supportive of my running, but I know that very few people like to hear about the minutiae of the day-to-day life of a runner.  The one exception to this is other runners.  I’m sure that there are exceptions, but most runners I know can happily sit for hours, reliving past races, discussing training plans, and debating over the best new piece of running gear.

So this leads me to the start of this blog.  I plan to share the highs and lows of my next year of running.  I hope that this will continue to allow me to live my passion for the sport, while also inspiring some people along the way.  If nothing else, it will be a place where like-minded athletes can find some solidarity.  I’m sure that I will mix in some posts about food and reading, two of my other passions, but essentially, this will be a running-themed blog.  Thanks for visiting, and for reading.  Happy running!


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