The Joy of New Shoes

My apologies for the lack of posts over the past week.  My fabulous trail run last weekend sent my cold symptoms into a full blown stubborn cold, and after two attempted lackluster runs earlier in the week, I have temporarily given up all workouts in an attempt to rest and recover more quickly.

I’m always a bit frustrated and antsy when I’m not running, but it’s extra challenging this week because I have a new pair of shoes to break in.  I converted to minimalist shoes a couple of years ago, and after running in Vibrams for about two years, I discovered Merrells last winter.  They have quickly become my new favorite brand.  Over the years, I have run in just about every brand of shoe on the market, but Merrells are far and away my favorites.  I have two pairs I am currently using – a pair of bright purple Road Glove 2’s, and a pair of gorgeous turquoise Pace Glove 2 trail running shoes.  Unfortunately, both pairs are starting to wear out a bit, so when I saw a good deal on Amazon, I decided to snag a new pair of my trail shoes at a great price.

My new shoes are the exact same trail shoes I’ve been running in for the past year, except that they are bright pink instead of turquoise.  I’ll take the color blue over pink any day of the week, but I learned long ago that true runners choose their shoes based on the fit, not the color.  Since I knew I loved this fit, and the shoes were marked at a great discount, I decide that pink works just fine for me.  I had been hoping to break in the shoes on a couple of shorter runs this week, before taking them out on the trails this weekend, but my body just is not cooperating.  So my beautiful new shoes have simply sat in their box, looking perfect all week.  Usually I love the look of clear new shoes, but it just feels wrong when they are trail shoes.  By nature, they should be covered in mud and dust.  Sigh…  Hopefully next weekend!


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