Running Roundup: May 2015

My apologies for dropping off the map for the past few weeks.  I’d like to pretend that I had a great excuse, but it’s really just been that age old excuse – life is busy.  Between the kids wrapping up spring sports, end-of-the-year events at school, and the daily grind, it’s been all I can do to keep up.  Fortunately, this weekend provided some nice downtime which allowed both some relaxation, and a chance to catch up a bit here on the blog.

Here’s the brief running recap: I took it easy recovering from Delaware, re-read a favorite running book, fought through some more humidity, blew a ton of money on another family running adventure, and then fully launched back into my running schedule.

My adventure in the heat and humidity at Delaware hit me a bit harder than I had anticipated.  While my legs felt okay running during the following week, I just couldn’t shake the sense of utter exhaustion that I felt.  By Thursday, it was so bad that I felt half-drunk as I stumbled my way through the school day.  I managed to get the kids home and fed, tucked them into bed, and then curled up in my own room, where I promptly passed out at 6:45 pm.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I managed to fall asleep before 7 o’clock at night.  Fortunately, the 10+ hours of sleep that I got seemed to do the trick, and by Friday I was back to feeling human again.

After a lack of running partners and a lack of motivation hit on Sunday morning, I decided to simply take myself out for a run around my neighborhood.  I often run anywhere from 3-7 miles near my house, but usually like to drive to a trail if I’m going further, as I don’t live in a very scenic area.  Fortunately, I had my carefully crafted playlist that I never got to use in Delaware, so I turned that on and used it to motivate me through 12 miles.  The humidity was once again brutal, but the kindness of a Starbucks employee allowed me to refill my water bottle partway through, and my cheerful music managed to help me push the pace until I made it back home.

This past week, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from my running, as I was diving back into higher mileage for the first time in several weeks.  Apparently my body enjoyed the rest from the past few weeks, because I had a great week of running.  I got in all of my shorter runs this week, had a great final session with my after-school running club, and enjoyed one of my best ever long runs on Saturday, when I was able to complete 20 miles and still finish feeling strong.  Here’s hoping that things continue to go well, as I have several more high mileage weeks ahead of me in the next month.

In other news, I signed myself and the family up for another running adventure.  This October, we will all be taking on The Color Run Night in Camden, NJ.  As I recently shared, we had a blast when we ran The Color Run earlier this month, so even though the entry fees set me back more than I would have liked, I went ahead and signed us up for the fall race.  While I know that running makes me a better wife and mother, I sometimes feel selfish spending so much time and money on something that I usually do apart from my family.  Running a couple of fun, shorter races with them each year allows us all to share in the running fun together.

I also reread one of my all-time favorite books, “Born to Run.”  In case you haven’t yet picked it up, keep an eye out for a book report later this week.  That brings us up-to-date.  Keep checking back to see how the training is going, and to hear whether I end up adding yet another race to my fall schedule.  Happy running!


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