Some sweet recipes

In an effort to balance out this blog a bit more, I’m sharing two delicious recipes with you today.  The first is the dessert that we enjoyed for our Valentine’s dinner.  From the Deliciously Organic website, it is a fabulous way to satisfy your chocolate cravings without a lot of processed sugar.  This dessert is also gluten-free and vegan, but tastes delicious enough to satisfy anyone you might wish to entertain.  We love it with a little dollop of whipped cream on top, which offsets the intense chocolate flavor perfectly!  For our family, it works best to make these in our mini-muffin pans, as it provides the perfect individually-portioned desserts.

The other recipe we recently enjoyed was this strawberry applesauce from Family Fresh Cooking.  We make our own applesauce all the time, but I had never experimented with various fruit flavors before.  This recipe was ridiculously easy, and gave us a nice taste of summer fruit in the midst of this extremely chilly winter.  Best of all, the recipe made enough sauce for our family of four to enjoy for dinner, with plenty leftover for the kids’ lunches this week.  I peeled about half of the apples and used frozen strawberries.  My sauce cooked down enough that I didn’t even have to puree it, and we decided that it was sweet enough with just the apples, berries, and lemon juice.  Enjoy!


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